BJ40 for sale in Chile

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United States
1982 Toyota Land Crusier BJ-40
Motor 3.9 13B Diesel 1998
33" BFG MT
$ 4.300.000 O.B.O. (approx USD $8000)

Not sure if it's a good deal or even if it can be imported into the US, but just thought I'd let you all know. It looks very clean in the photos.


more info here:
that looks like a nice hood, where do they keep all the guinea pigs in the city? i see the grill in the background
I't looks like mine. I think it's a good deal actually. I bought mine almost at the same price. It's with an original diesel engine. The same color and all. I'm from Concepcion :bounce2:

Sweet looking truck! Welcome to the board. My inlaws were from Santiago - move to the US about 40 years ago though.

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