BJ40 Dash Configuration, pics please!

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Feb 28, 2006
Hi All,

First off, I have searched many threads here and have been unable to find any pics of a BJ40 dash configuration. Mine is a 1981 with the "B" engine, and I'm in the process of restoring the dash (along with the rest of the vehicle), but I've noticed that some of the knobs are missing and some look like they are aftermarket. Any pics would be helpful!

Also, this cruiser doesn't have a glow plug indicator like my HJ45 did, nor does is have a choke. Is this normal for the BJ series? BTW, this is a South American series.

Thanks in advance :cheers:
I'll send a pick of my 1980 BJ40 dash, but I hAve a glow indicator, and a dash Switch for the glow plugs (and one on the key). There is no choke, buta manula throttle...
central america

quick piece of info. If it's a central American BJ40, it will likely be missing the knobs from the factory. They were built without the heater systems and never came with knob. Just ugly holes.
12/79 BJ40 Dash Pics


Please find attached pics of my 12/79 BJ40. There is only one knob that is aftermarket, the others should be stock.

LHS: Lights, Glow plug indicator
Middle upper: Brake / Fasten Seat Belts indicator, Aftermarket lev-o-gauge, Hazard (upside down), Cigarette lighter, Warm Pull
Middle lower: Glow switch, Wipe Wash, Fan Pull, Fresh Pull, Aftermarket knob.

Don't know if this helps. Hope so.

DSCF6213 (600 x 452).jpg

DSCF6214 (600 x 452).jpg

DSCF6216 (600 x 452).jpg
DSCF6213 (600 x 452).jpg
DSCF6214 (600 x 452).jpg
DSCF6216 (600 x 452).jpg

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