BJ-74 for sale...not mine (ebay)

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I think all the guys like the BJ..... hehe
that is freaking cool... I wanna BJ, anytime, anywhere!

She opened herself for that.... haha
Men will be men....... :D
It's RHD....wonder if that's one of JDM's inventory before they vanished. The seller has no rating.
sometimes it's really ashamed the vehicles we can't import.
Every country has its own dumb laws governing that sort of thing. For instance the Land Rover Defender 90 - no longer imported because of air bag restrictions. LR is working to remedy that however. The 70 would be very popular in the US if they allowed it to be imported. So popular, they would lose some sales of other Toyota products to the 70. Personally I don't like the short wheelbase 70, but I'd go for a 4 door version.

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