birfield repack question

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Mar 29, 2003
St. Louis Area
I am in the middle of my Birfield repack and trunion bearing replacement. I am at the point where both intack birfields are out of the axel.

When removing the axel oil seal, I have read about a spring behind the seal that should be removed first. What is this? Also, I briefly felt in back of the seal and could not feel or determine that anything other than the back of the seal was what I was feeling. Am I missing something?


Steve 94' 110,000
Just pop the seal out. If you dont see the spring on the seal, you will have to fish it out.
When you install the new seal, look inside to make sure it didn't pop off when you pounded it in.
Have a look at the replacement seals you are about to put in there. You should be able to see the spring.

The spring is circular and runs around the seal in a little groove in the rubber. The spring is on the inside of the seal - you need to put your finger into the axle housing and feel for it.

The reason it's best to remove the spring before the seal is removed, is that you will deform the seal in the process of removing it. In so doing the seal may fall out and be difficult to retrieve from inside the axle. If you can't feel it, remove the seal anyway and you will either see it in the seal or in the axle. Try having another look for it.

Cheers, Jim

Look at the rubber lip on one of your new 90310-35010 seals and you will see a metal "band" on the outer circumference. That is the spriing. You want to be sure that it does not get left behind when you remove the old seal. Also be sure not to dislodge the new one when you install the new seal.

Go to Sears and get a seal puller(Craftman#9-47645) and you wont mess up the rubber, (in most cases).
Like Kurt said, go buy a seal puller. It will make the job quicker and easier. I tried the screwdriver method but it took me almost a half hour per side to pull the seals.

A seal puller is <$10. Invest...
1/2 hour, you obviously didn't hit it with the hammer hard enough!! :G

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