Birfield inspection

May 17, 2003
Long story short, sold my last project (house) and finally have a suitable place and time to work on the LC. Its a 71 FJ40 and we arent in the rain anymore.

Just finished the rear disc swap and am starting on the front axle. I ran into some problems with UPS so I have a little time to kill (ie the weekend). Took apart the pass side knuckle of the mini axle and, low and behold, SAND! :mad: Yup, sand inside the axle. Not sure if this is a result of it being buried at the junkyard (missing one steering arm) or rough use and no love.

Im fairly good at taking parts off and putting them back on (I can follow directions, thanks grandpa), but lousy at identifying problems. :dunno: So with my free weekend, Im cleaning and inspecting the mini donor parts and need to know what to look for in worn out parts (birfields, knuckle bearings and races, wheel bearings... pretty much everything). Thanks for the help.

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