birf pics...what's in there?

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Dec 30, 2005
doing my first axle job. here are some of the pics. let her rip...
rotor removed.jpg
rotor seal.jpg
What a mess!

Glad you are getting in there. It looks pretty bad in terms of both the break down of the "grease bath" in the knuckle combined with the wear and tear of high speed operation on the hubs.

Your truck will ride much better when you are done--along with helping out seriously important components in the front end.

Good stuff. Good help.

Oberlin, OH
Very cool! I often wear my pink-tutu outfit also when doing a birf job..just for good luck ofcourse :D
i'm suprised you knew what that get-up is called. but you see who's holding the hammer...
the 80 is pretty much stock, minus OME suspension, 96 with 186k. doesn't look like anyone's ever done this job on it before, or at least it would've been a long tiime ago. never seen one done in person, just curious what those who've done this before think about how it looks.
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when i first tore into my front axle, it also had green colored grease. I assumed it was factory.
wow, it sure needed it. wait until you're done, the feeling of accomplishment after your first frontendectomy is very rewarding. Good luck and ask away if you have any questions.
Just start replacing. Call C Dan and get the parts. Look Onur he is doing it outside. Just like here in the lovely state of Ohio.

Have fun, must be nice to enjoy the outdoors and not a damp garage. Great looking kids. Looks like your daughter is getting ready to make a point with her brother.
just wanted to tell everyone on the site that i'm done with my first birf job. the problem was, i finished it just before work and couldn't perform step #6. going to remedy that right now...
a heartfelt thank you to everyone on this site for all the help. some of you who had no idea you were helping actually helped a great deal and i appreciate it. i never imagined i could do anything like this without screwing something up, but i did. couldn't have done it without you.
now to complete step #6...
Makes you feel great after the first one

:beer: :beer:

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