Birf job in progress - cage dismantle and grease question?

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Oct 7, 2004
S. Texas
I started my birf job last Thursday night so I could get my rotors turned on Friday. (97 with 160,000 mi) I have everything out and cleaned but have several questions I don't see addressed after searching and reading the FAQ post.

1. I have the CV and shaft separated to clean and switch sides - how do I get the cage apart to clean?

2. When installing new trunion bearings do I use wheel bearing grease like on the inner/outer bearings or is it the grease used in the knuckle joint?

3. Do I fill the cavity between the knuckle housing and the inner knuckle - where the trunion bearings are? This is what confuses me of which grease to use for the trunion bearings - I know eventually there will be some mixing.

This is the second time I have done this. Last time I did not remove the knuckle housing or replace the knuckle bearings.

Also, I have not taken a picture but my lower trunion bearing was actually broken and one of the rollers split. I'll get a pic posted later. Thanks, Nelson
Hard to describe, but you should be able to push one side the cage down into the birf exposing and freeing one steel ball and then you do it all the way around .... or at least thats how I was able to do it. Pay close attention to which way the star in the and the cage fit in there, you need to have the correct sides up and it's possible to reinstall the wrong way ..... hopefully you have an FSM as it does have a description.
1) you should be able to turn the cage in such a way that you can pull the balls out. Once the balls are out you can turn the cage itself a certain way and remove it. Pay attention to the way the cage is installed.

2) I used the grease that goes in the cv in the trunion bearings. Figured it would all get mixed together anyways.

3) I filled the area around the cv about 3/4 full.

Pre-#1: Get Factory Repair Manual.
1. Brass drift/rod to do what has already been described.
2. Same grease as in the joint. The moly works a lot better in limited -range-of-motion applications than the wheel bearing grease.
3. The instructions are to fill the space 2/3 full. I am pretty sure I approached the 3/4 level.

Good luck!
Sounds good. Just wanted to verify what I was thinking regarding the moly grease mixing in the knuckle bearing and knuckle joint area. I'll work on the cage tonight. Thanks, Nelson

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