Bilstein/Rancho part numbers

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Apr 23, 2010
I’m looking for an actual part number for F/R shocks for a 2” lift. Either Rancho 9000 or Bilsteins 5150. I find recommendations for them but no one ever gives a P/N. I checked the Bilstein site but they aren’t making sense. They have a front shock for $48 and none listed for the rear. A cheap vendor would be helpful as well.

Rancho Parts Number should be : RS999010.

I love this shockabsorber, you can adjust the smoothness and hardness. (sorry if my english is very poor)

Thank you.
Get your measuremets from eye to eye distance at rest, full extension and full compression and write these down. Then go to the Bilstein site and click on application for the model shock you are looking at find the part that best matches your measurements. Up front I use the heavier valving (255/70) and in te back I use the softer valving (170/60) due to the lack of rear weight. Unless you are doing heavy offroad work I would look at the 5125 series vs. the 5150 series with the remote resivoir. Hope this helps:cheers:

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