Biggest Tire Size With Ome 2 1/2 Lift

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Jan 11, 2006
What Is The Biggest Tire I Can Put On My 40, It Has A Ome 2 1/2 Ich Lift . The Fenders Have Not Been Cutout. It Has 33x12.50 Size Tires Now . But I Just Wanted To Know If I Could Go Any Bigger Without Having Any Problems. The Tires Are Going On A Set Of American Racing Mojave Teflon Wheels 16 Inch

Thanks For The Info
I Really Want To Keep The Fenders Stock No Cutting. I Think Those Tiny Fenders Look Cheap. I Wish They Had Some Beefier Ones That Looked Hard Core. Then I Would Do The Fender Cut.
Whats The Biggest I Can Go Without Cutting The Fenders.
I was able to get 33 x 12.50 Goodyear MT/Rs on 15x8 wheels, no cutting. It did hit the front lip of the front fender on hard turns w/articulation. The rear always tucked nicely. It also kept ripping the tie rod end boot off.

With my 4" HFS, I now have different problems, but I'll eventually fix them.

Good luck.
anyone make any nicer fenders???
I ran a 34 X 10.50 without much would rub the stock steering linkage when the tire was stuffed while turning in front.
Hi All:

I have been running some 33X12.5R15 radials on my OME-equipped FJ40 since 1998.

You could try fitting some 35X12.5R15 radial tires, but you will probably have to limit the up-travel of the suspension. The mild lift one gets on a 40 Series from OME springs really isn't enough for bigger tires. You could try a combo of a one inch body lift, longer shackles, and the OME springs to gain some tire clearance.


marcovgv said:
anyone make any nicer fenders???
Metaltech makes some slick tube front fenders.

Oh, and how do chopped fenders look cheap? Functionality and that hardcore look, what else do ya want? Everyone has an opinion I guess.

I've got 32s now and they seem tiny. 33s seem to be optimal without cutting or any other modding.

I'd really like to see some pics of 35s installed on 2 1/2" OME suspension. Anyone got pics of this setup?
I ran OME 2.5" with 33x12.5 MT and uncut fenders for couple years, 35" would be a bit big.

i just think thos tinny rear fenders you put on after cutting the rear look tiny and cheesy .. but thats me. if they had some beffier nicer made .with a higher quality looking finish .. i would snatch them up
what you guys think should i run 15 or 16 in ch wheel? with the 33x12.50 bfg mt tires i have just decided to buy??
If the bfg mt's are anything like the bfg at's, you might want to rethink getting them for wheeling anywhere near rocks. Their sidewalls are extremely susceptible to ripping on rocks. I've ripped open two myself. However, I've had a tree root stuck over three inches into the sidewall of my mt/r and it just made a popping sound as I rolled away. No damage whatsoever.
wow that pic of mustard cruiser with 33's looks hard core.. im sold .. it looks awsoem

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