Bigger heavier tires on stock carrier

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Mar 21, 2012
Hey guys, wondering how many of you are carrying larger tires on the rear door carrier with out issue. Dont want the excess weight of rear bar and swing carrier if its not needed.
I've got 34" mud tires on steel rims (pretty heavy) on mine; the rear door has carried the spare fine for 200,000 miles, but it is heavy when you open and close it. :meh:

Yeah typically not much of a problem.

Only ones that did seem to have issues are white 2010's...I dont know if it is even a real issue, but I have seen two white 2010s where the rear door skin cracked near the lower hinge. Strange.
I run heavy E rated 10 ply 34" M/Ts. The tire just fits. When the door is shut, I cannot slide a finger between the tire and bumper. The weight is noticeable when opening and closing the door. I always walk the door open rather than just let the door swing open and stress the parts when it reaches wide open.

Well thats sounds good, ive been told to help fit larger tires you can flip the holder but not sure where the camera would go
I tried flipping the carrier and it didn't improve clearance at all. I stacked some fender washers under the two lower mount points and it helped a little bit. My tire still rests on my Demello bumper, but I'm fine with that. In my mind it relieves some of the stress on the rear door.
I have 315/75/16 s . and just put a 1 1/4 spidertrax spacer on first and it fits perfect . sits right on the rear bumper .
Its the weight im concerned with, have seen quite a few patrols with cracked oanels due to heavy tires
315/70R17 Duratrac is sat over 100k miles on the spare tire carrier. No any kind of problems. I drilled the carrier holes 1/2” higher and welded studs again, now that tire sit like made for it.

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