BIG public thanks to Hogan

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Oct 13, 2008
40x80 Shop
Big public thanks goes out from me to Hogan. Met him yesterday for the first time and he gave me the rear seat out of his FJ40 for the 68 I bought. He was upgrading to a different seat and gave me his old one. Shows how cool and nice the cruiser family is. :cheers:

I installed it and some seatbelt's last night in my truck and it is all loaded up ready for my first outing tomorrow morning with my 5 year old to stretch its legs.

Thanks again, it was above and beyond. :clap:

Hey Tim,

Gotta love the community. Post up some pics. I have considered doing this as well. Where are you headed?

Heading up to gilbert in the early am for the day. Will be lots of driving but my son Ben really wants to go and we have to be home Sunday am so my wife can run a 10k.

It will be our first time in Gilbert cant wait to see what it is all about. :steer:
I went there for the first time this spring... it is alot of fun...

you driving the 40 all the way up there

:hmm: No, My luck it would break. If I trailer it everything will be fine. :clap:
Have fun, it is a good time. May the cruiser gods be with you.

Interested in how you mounted the seat, belts, tethers, etc...

Your welcome, it was nice to meet you I hope you had a good time in Gilbert. How did your son like trail riding.

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