Big Bang Theory Cruiser Style

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Apr 26, 2010
Dixon, Ca
Ok, guys I am calling on all cruiser brothers and sisters. So let me tell you all how it went bad. I just finished installing my floor shifter in my 68 40, Of course I needed to try it out before i button everything up. So i drove up the road marveling at how much better it drives with the floor shifter. Well I was pulling onto my street when my neighbor drove up in his 40, I told him what i was up to and he asked if I wanted to go try it in some mud around the corner. I agreed and had fun until i got stuck with my right front and left rear wheels off the ground. My neighbor took off to get a tow strap (like i said it was soupposed to be around the block) while he was getting the strap i was still trying unsucessfully to get out, I was in 4 hi spinning wheels and trying to rock my way free when i heard and bang, a loud bang. I then didn't have any forward momentum no 2 or 4 wheel drive. After I got my 40 home i took a look underneth and both drive shafts are where they should be i drained the transfer case and there is barely any metal shavings. I can start the truck in gear and it won't move, and if it's running i can put it in any gear with out pressing the clutch and it doesn't go anywhere.

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Put the transfer case back in gear....
Are your sure the engine is running?:D

Seems like tranny stuff. Maybe input shaft screwed up. Maybe your clutch is jammed up engaged only I don't know how. Broken clutch assembly. Pull the bell housing cover. I would be a little careful about letting it run in gear just in case it happens to fix itself and drive thru the garage.
Transfer case popped into netural most likely...BUT... in your post what are you saying about the oil & the shavings ??

Barely any oil ? or barely any shavings...or...a whole bunch of shavings ??

barely any shavings the way it sounded when it let go i expected to be draining out cuhunks of what use to be my transfer case.
My T Case looks like a fossil where is the plug to fill it?
barely any shavings the way it sounded when it let go i expected to be draining out cuhunks of what use to be my transfer case.
My T Case looks like a fossil where is the plug to fill it?

So does the truck move?
i tried to put the transfer case back into hi but it wouldn't do anything, i started to check the vaccum lines and linkage and found a vaccum line split in half. i just replaced it but now i don't know where to put gear oil back into the t case

did i mention im a 40 newbie, sorry for the dumb questions
i wasn't sure what weight to get so I went with kragan's reccomended weight for a 1980 landc cruiser since they didn't have info that far back. it's a 75-90w gear oil. but i still don't know where to put it i wasn't thinking that far ahead when i drained it i was more intrested in surveying the damage. you said it is on the side of the tranny?
There are two plugs about 1/2 way up.

There is one on the tranny (facing to the drivers side) and one on the transfer case, drivers side, facing to the rear.

Pull the plug corresponding to the unit you drained (they are seaparate) and refill.

It's a no brainer.

thanks you much rocky i'll check it after work
ok I am being cautiously optimistic, I filled the transfer case with fresh oil. I know it's lame but i can't start it until tomorrow morning to see if im all good. My 2 year old has the bad luck of dwelling in the room over the gararge, so to spare a long night for both of us im not going to risk starting it. Thank you all who have provided me with advice during this fiascio. But im fortunate that it isn't a destroyed transfer case or tranny damage. So tomorrow is test day, thank you all once again.

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