Big ask from you guys

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Aug 1, 2009
As the title says this is kind of a big ask I'm looking for the distance from the firewall to the center of the front axle. I'm thinking of doing a chassis swap and I am looking for this dimension and can't find it. Thanks for your help.

I'm looking for the distance from the back of the engine or mounting face of the tranny on a 40. I want to see the relationship between the front axle and where the cab sits. I want to see if I can put a land cruiser body on a dodge cummins chassis. To answer what year I guess I don't know what the difference is. Anyone have a link to educate me.

Vince, you need to measure this yourself, as small discrepancies can kill a project.

You would be better off finding the years of each vehicle and model of each vehicle and asking people with those vehicles to allow you to take direct measurements and make inspections.

Just MHO

Your mileage may vary.

Ok guys thanks for the help I will keep you in the loop as to how this all goes. Again thank you.

Where are you located? As already mentioned doing your own measuring would be the best. Maybe there is somebody in your area willing to either drive their 40 to your place, or you can drive to their place, so side by side measurements can be taken.


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