BHCC, Slee & pics

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Jan 14, 2003
Rumor has it from my MN brothern that Slee and the crew went through some Newfields (FIVE of them on "Hal Johns"?) while out in the SoDak... :eek:


Sounds like a good time was had by all.... I'm bummed I missed it this year. :(

Also heard that Woody flopped..... again. :D

Hey Gumby (Todd), did you make the trip out to BHCC this year?
to clarify, woody did NOT flop! My wife was driving at the time, her first flop as a driver....

Christo did pop 5 80-birfs, 3 on Thurs, 2 on Sat, 4 of those were on stage 4a of Hal Johns. Impressive!
Christo on stage 1 of Hal Johns on Thursday.
More pics coming up later this morning....lotsa cameras around....

here's one of C prior to her flop, she drove all of stage 3 and started 4A of Hal Johns on Thursday....not bad for the only female along that day! :D
Dang, looks like an awesome time.

Woody - we're gonna count that anyway :flipoff2: :D

Christo - Sounds like you found the first disposable birfields. Use 'em once and trash them. At least you should be under 45 mins by now. :flipoff2: :D
I didn't shoot diddly for pics this weekend....slacker I guess!

Some are of the kitten that rode in Mace's welder from WI to Sall SD before we discovered it...story pending on that one...named it Lincoln tho...hehehe

last handful are the dingage pics...I have LOTS of bent junk under my rig, tho no true breakage. Even the rear calipers got rock rash...
Hi Woody, good to meet you up there. It was a blast and a bit of an expensive exercise.

Here is the report on the carnage. I was running 2 new prototype Newfields that was supposed to be stronger and treated. At the start of section 4 of Hal Johns I broke one when trying to climb a rock. Got myself really stuck, but had to change the birfield there. No chance to get out.

I installed a new Toyota one but I screwed up. The newfield cage exploded and some pieces must have ended between the housing part and the knuckle. Even though I checked I did not get all the pieces out. It was also about 100 degrees and I was tired, not and pissed of, so it could have been me that did not check enough. Anyway, as soon as we started moving it did not sound good, but at this point we were just trying to get out. Within 2 feet I snapped the stub shaft on Toyota one clean of. At this point we also saw that the other side Newfield was also broken. The stubshaft was also sticking out.

We did a nasty winch, dragging exit out to the side of the trail. This was up about a 15 foot slab. With only 2 wheeldrive and winch it was tough. Ben's mini truck was the anchor point and lets just say the 80 is a lot heavier.

I finally got it back to Deadwood and a really scare drive since the truck would not turn. 17 point turn in the middle of traffic of Deadwood amused a lot of people. We went to get a trailer and then took it back to camp. Changed both sides the next morning and then relaxed for the day. Next day it was back to Hal Johns. Well dammit, there I broke another one at the same spot. Low on spares at this point I opted to winch out the same obstacle again. This time we hooked to a tree and I had 3 wheel drive. Done for the day I enjoyed watching others trash their trucks.

Then on the way out, backing up a hill to turn around I snapped. the other one. That makes 5 total. These were Toyota and they only break the cages, so I just drove it back to the camp.

Well, that is not all. I am stuck in Wheatland Wyoming with a dead Ford. The tow truck broke a diesel line to the pump. It pumped out a lot of diesel before we picked it up. Due to this the clutch is trashed as well.

On another note, two bolts are missing from the turbo housings and the turbo sounds like it is landing down on the housing. All this in a 1999 truck with 70 k miles on the clock. Nice quality. Well, tomorrow I should have my truck back. We are bringing another truck to pick up the trailer and then I can change the turbo & clutch at the shop.
Leaving on Sunday for the Rubicon and lots of repairs to do, not counting inspecting the bottom of the ShortBus to see what else is busted, other than the one front control arm, bent rear control arm (not ours), bent draglink and a severly scorred driveshaft. Well that is what I can see.

But, it was a blast and all I can say is that DTC and all the people from Lone Star and other clubs that attended are a bunch of nice guys, especially Denny Mann that stayed with us, took us out and even took us for a boat ride. The wheeling is crazy but fun.

Yikes man that is some bad ju-ju how the heck did you PO the Toyota and Ford gods so bad! All on one trip?! Ehg just shows how fearlessly you flog the shortbus on the rocks. As for the Ford… you never know I guess.

Good luck on the R&R on the Ford issues, have fun on the Con!

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Hey Gumby (Todd), did you make the trip out to BHCC this year?

Nope, still working on it. One of these years. :-[
Christo, were those smurfields that you were trying out? just wondering because i haven't heard any reports on them yet, say hi to Ben for me, Brad Steffens.

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