BHCC Microbratfest


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Jason Mace and I are working on a microbeer/brat gathering on the Friday evening of the BHCC event this summer.
<jason writes>
Get it folks.

For those attending the BHCC or the cruiser heads in the neighborhood.

We are organizing a MicroBratfest on Friday the 25th.

I'll supply the brat's with a little help from the Wisconsin contingency and you are required to bring whatever micro/odd beer that you can find in your neck of the woods.

I am sure that the texans will bring an ample supply of Shiner
I am going to see about a pony keg of the Holy Cow Beer.

I am going to need a rough headcount so either post here or send me an E-mail with name, number of people and the type of beer you are bringing

Warning, if you only bring enough Beer for yourself you will not drink any of it
we will
</jason writes>

I'm in for a pony (or more) of my local beerpub in Chilton WI....anyone else?  Post up here and/or on Pirate and make sure you let Jason know via email too!!

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