Bham May Meeting

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Oct 29, 2007
Birmingham, AL
It has been a month or two since we have had a meeting at my house, so now it is time to do it again. We will be wrenching and it should be quick so... the beer flows like wine and the women flock like salmon. Ha, you can never forget Harry and Lloyd.

May 24th 7pm at the Meyer Biergarten. For directions check the private area at the top of the DLC forum or PM me.

By the way, Clarence bring the 1/2g growler with you.
Yeah, I was thinking that I need to refill.. uh .. I mean return it.
What kind of wrenching is going on?
I should be able to make it, but not in my cruiser. I tried to clean up under the hood with some new silicone vacuum lines for my emissions junk cause I looked at my FSM and found that the previous owner had alot of lines going to the wrong place. Well, at least it it stumbles and dies :lol:. The dist. cap vent holes were plugged (no lines going in or out) so I got a new cap and am in the process of getting it all hooked up.

I wish I could drive it over and have a few others look at it cause I'm frustrated with it. If this new dist. cap doesn't help with the problem, I'm going to just desmog.
Ah.. Fun. Lots of pb blaster.
And a hub tightening. What do I need to bring for my venture? Moly, tools, pork?
And a hub tightening. What do I need to bring for my venture? Moly, tools, pork?

just pork should do it. I would assume they were greased properly when he installed them last year, they probably just need a little tightening so no moly needed unless you think the knuckle might be low.
fortunately not, he's got new rods and new ends so it should be a bolt on deal. I think it will be a fun goal to see if we can get it done in less than 30 minutes.

whatchu durin with the old stuff?
I don't know what his plans for the old ones are, but I do remember they were so frozen in place that he had a pipe wrench on the rod with a jack under the wrench and the truck nearly lifted off the ground before the wrench broke.

That's right, I completely forgot about that poor wrench. No plans for the old stuff.

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