Wanted {Bham, AL} FJ40 Springs and/or shocks

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Dec 27, 2011
United States
Trying to get my 1970 FJ 40 (stock 10/69) on the road for the first time since I have owned it. It has a lot of issues so I'm trying to get it driveable without a lot of investment to see if it is a keeper or parts truck.
My front right spring is bent so I'm looking for:
* Discarded / free stock spring(s) and old bushings.
* Going out on a limb... if you are local and willing to loan me a stock spring for the summer that would work too. Shake down runs only, no wheeling.
* Eventually I will buy a 4" inch lift kit. If you have a great deal on a set (springs, shocks, bushings, etc...) I'd be interested in hearing what you have.

PM is the best way to reach me.

Thanks in advance.

I have a set of factory 78 Fj40 springs and napa shocks in Huntsville but I make it down to cullman pretty much every weekend.

Email sent. Thanks!

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