BFG Mud Terrain for sale

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Mar 23, 2004
I have a set of 35x12.5 15 BFG Mud Terrains for sale on my 1972 FJ40. I have 5 of them, 4 have about 3200 miles on them, the other is the spare and never seen the pavement. They look great and perform great off road, I just am on road most of the time and think I would prefer a quieter highway tire as I drive open cab about 100% of the time. I live in Dallas and would prefer to meet up at a Discount Tire so I can have some new rubber put on while you take the BFG Mud's off my hands.

I was thinking $90 a piece. So the first $450 gets them. I think that's about half price or so... but will consider offers.

e-mail me at

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Please post a price, see rules.

BFG Mud Terrains, set of 5 $450, 35x12.5 15

Thanks, I have now posted a price, would like a quick sale, so make offers.
pm sent

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