BFG 31X10.50 @ Northwest Costco's (1 Viewer)

Mar 21, 2005
Central Oregon
Don't know how good of a deal this is but the Bend, OR Costco has 31X10.50 BFG AT for $110. each. that's down from $130. ea last summer. Guy said they made a big purchase. May not be nation wide? But probably goes for all of Oregon ya'd think.

I know that is too "short" for a lot of the rigs out there but "heads up" to those that can use that size.

I'm gooing to Dakar my 60 and may still run the 31s just for the gearing, It's pretty hilly around here. the BFG MT 33s that i run in winter are a little tall to get going from dead stop up the 9%
grade I go up and down all day chasing my kids to activities etc.


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