Beware of fel-pro headgaskets as of late!

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Mar 20, 2006
elkcreek canyon colorado
I have always had good luck with felpro head gaskets, in the last week I have done 3 different head jobs and got 3 DIFFERENT gaskets in FELPRO boxes!!!!!!! The quality is CRAP. My local carqwest guy called them to see whats up, they said its been happening a lot lately, they put what ever is the right application in the box wheather they made it or not!:mad: He told me this has been happening a lot with multiple auto parts vendors due to the economy and them looking for the cheapest manufactures to make THEIR parts under THEIR names!!! Secondly I am aware at some point they changed their thinking on water flow but should'nt there be holes in the two pics where I am pointing? I am trying to remeber on the last real felpro I installed:hmm: BTW this is "supposed" to be a felpro 21219B.

The hole count on that gasket is correct......

Thats the way it is now days......

I install about 6 per month and have had no problems..........
Grant, I believe you on the holes. Have you been using felpro in the last month? Any experience with the felpro's being completely different every time you buy one lately? Thanks
Also, it does not seem like head gasket material would hold up very long blocking water ports that are matched up on the head and block. It seems like it would get soft and turn to mush before too long.:hmm:
Napa does the same thing , they go with the cheapest vendor now too. i used to go there to get quility parts and didnt mind paying a little extra for that. not any more, now i shop around.

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