bestop shrinage

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Jun 27, 2005
San Jose CA
I have an old Bestop on my '71. Over the years it has shrunk a little bit, causing it to pop off the snaps on the sides. I fixed that by removing about 1/2 inch from the top cross bar.

But I still have a few problems: The rear diagonal bow has a "collar" on each side that slides on the vertical bows, locking into place with a small tab. My tabs seem to have twisted or something and no longer really fit into the holes. Also, the plastic guides on the end of those diagonal...I somehow lost one.

Does anyone have a similar history of problems with those "collars", and has anyone out there just by chance have either an extra plastic guide or know of a source for them?
I only run my soft top in the winter, and once it goes on in October, it stays until the end of March. I secure the collar with a self tapping screw. It holds secure, and I don't have to monkey with the old stuff losing hold. As far as the plastic piece...I bought my top used...and it never did have those...Try contacting Best Top. Sounds like yours is a Tiger Top, and they don't make those any longer...they may have parts. They will sell to the general public, parts and such.

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