bestop seats and CCOT

Mar 16, 2015
I got some used bestop seats with out the seat sliders and want to install them into my 1974 FJ40.
Diagram of seats. It did not come with heat.

CCOT has the seat conversion bracket and sliders for the bestop seats but do not sell them separately with out the seat.

The seat conversion bracket looks custom.
--Anyone know the gauge of metal used and any tips etc.
--It looks like they have it bend up but I would have thought that the bracket would be flat.

The seat sliders are bestop.
--Found this on Amazon Bestop 5125501 Seat Slider for 1976-1995 CJ7 & Wrangler
--Called bestsop this will fit my application
--Called CCOT they sell the sliders but not the conversion bracket.

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