Best way to wire solenoid for air horn

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Jun 18, 2004
Pacific Northwest
I got a solenoid to operate a Grover air horn and I'm unsure how to wire it. The solenoid has two terminals and I want to use the standard Land Cruiser horn wire to activate it. Any ideas on how to wire this up?
Doubt the solenoid will be polarized, would be marked if it was. Just hook the wires up if yours has two wires(don't know US setup) if not you will need to connect the second terminal to earth.
Just had a thought what current does the solenoid need to open? You may need a relay.
Sometimes the solenoid is directional (ie. the air goes through in one particular direction). Look to see if there is a small arrow moulded on the air-part of the solenoid.

The solenoid I used to hook up my hornblasters-style train horns *was* directional.

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