Best way to ship an engine.

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Jul 12, 2010
Mt Isa QLD Australia
Hi guys.

I have a 1HZ that I am about to send off to be machined and I have been trying to think of the best way to send it.

I have been thinking of trying to put it into a gal truck box or a solid plastic box and putting it on a pallet.

I will be sending the block crank flywheel and maybe the head it is going on a round trip of 5250km or 3260 miles.

I think I will just leave the crank in the block with the flywheel removed and that should be fine.

I can get heavy pallet cartons from work but I see how they sometimes turn up from the freight companies and want something better.

Just curious if any of you guys had any ideas on the best way to pack engine components for transport.

I would strap it to a pallet with timber bracing to hold it upright and then either wrap it in shrink wrap or put a wooden box over the whole thing.
There are paces that will make up a wooden box/container for shipping but I dont know if there would be one in Mt Isa.

Isnt there anyone in town who can do the machining etc?
Thanks Rosco.

I have sent engines off to be machined before but somehow freight gets damaged or ends up going walkabouts in and around Mt Isa ?

There are places that can do machining in town and I use them at work , but I am a little particular about my engines so I like to use one place in particular.

I am planing on running around 20-22lb boost (maybe more see how I feel at the time) in this engine and want it to last so thats why I am going to send it to Melbourne to get machined.
If you have the skills, or a local shop which can help, you may want to build a steel-caged crate. This is the crate which housed my 1HD-FT. Came from OZ, and they basically set it up to use the factory motor mounts. The outsides were then covered in plywood. Made it across the pond, and across the US twice. I am actually thinking of keeping it, as it is hell-for-stout.



I shipped this engine half way across the US and then the buyer shipped again to Texas with no issues via truck. A pallet, 2X4's, plywood and some MST straps.

Bolted straps to bolts and mounts on the engine with wood blocks under oil. Worked well and cheap.


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