Best trailer hitch for stock 80 bumper

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Jan 3, 2008
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Hey cruiserheads,

I am needing a trailer hitch for my '97. Spring is here and I need to be able to drag my dune buggy around. I want something that is gonna be as well hidden as possible. My spare is still under the bumper and it looks like it will be tight with whatever hitch I go with(285's).

Any suggestions????
If you can find a used OEM/Valley Industries hitch, go for it. Your 285 will still fit just fine with the hitch. Search on hitches and you'll find plenty of info in aftermarket hitches as well.
I've got a stock hitch I'd sell ya. but shipping might suck.
I have the Drawtite, and the 285 spare fits. Either that or the OEM receiver will work fine, just find the cheapest option.
I stored my 305's in with the stock valley hitch when I had it.
Thanks MUD for the input

Thanks for the info. Does anybody run the reciever that Slee sells? What is it's capability? Is there any way to gussett one of these to the frame for true stability?

Any Thoughts?

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