Best tire and wheel set up for a 40??

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May 22, 2007
Southern CA
I have settled on BFG ATs but i am not sure of the size or what wheels to use.
Any advice?

Please post pics...
I'm sort of in the same boat. Depends on what you want to do with it I guess...
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ok that was a little harsh, please narrow it down. very very broad question
the best tires are the ones that work for you and fit your needs. do some reseach on tires figure out what you are doing with the truck then choose a tire thats right for your needs.
I've had BFG AT's on two trucks now. Although they are decent tires, they are not even in the game where soft conditions are going to be encountered. They are far too much like street tires then they are off road tires. They were however great on dirt roads, rocky and sandy conditions. On my Diesel truck, I put 70,000 miles on them before I changed them. So they last a long time too.

After that last set I swapped them for Toyo MT's. I've now had the Toyo's on two trucks as well, including my cruiser. I'll take the toyo's for off road use every time over the BFG AT's.

For size, Can't help, you gotta get what fits and for the application, and the gearing, and the suspension, and on and on. I chose the 33x10.50s cause they fit my needs. For wheels I wanted alloy wheels and the Mickey Thompson classics 15X8's fit perfectly. They are strong wheels too, I've had them on a 1 ton double cab dodge Diesel that hauls my camper for 4 years now. That's more load then that little cruiser will ever manage. If you choose alloy wheels remember that alloy is thicker then steel so you may want to check the fit over your calipers before you buy.

Lots of options, to be sure, gotta get what fits your application
Answers are going to be all over the map. Everybody has an opinion and a preference, and it depends on what you want to do with it.

I am partial to the taller narrow tire. I am running 33X9.50X15 on my 40 and about to put the same on my Pig.
OEM Wheels, gray, with OEM Hubcaps and 33x10.50 BFG ATs
More stupid questions

So to expand the dumb questions (I liked it but a complete rookie), doesn't it make sense to go up to 16 or 17". For a pretty much normal 4 wheeler - no rock crawling mud bogging stuff, it seems you would have a bit more choices in the larger diameters. Any reason these rims don't work? Isn't the rim the same pattern as chevy?
My question is on tire size. I have 31's on my FJ now and anytime I have gone with bigger tires on any other of my vehicles, it kills the torque and highway speed. On this site, it seems like 33's are the common size. I am hesitant to go that big or bigger under my 73 with the 1F and 3 speed tranny. I will only be doing highways to and from the trails but still would like to be able to go the speed limit at less than 5000 RPM! Any insight??
this set up and never look back....
Tires; whatever suits you.

Wheels; stock old school steelies, with the factory hubcaps!

It is a Fair question - but depends on function and form.

I do most of my driving on Forest roads, no serious crawling and no mud and I like the OEM wheels (albeit mine are white with no Hub caps) so i picked the BFG 33X10.5X15. Would of opted for 9.50's but they are not carried widely in AZ
Single new tire.jpg
what size lift do you have?

what kind of terrain are you going to be encountering?

i found the BFG AT's to be a pretty good all around tire on my last truck. always got me through the mud i was going through except once or twice, in the sand they performed pretty well comparing to a terra grappler (hate these tires w/ a passion). quiet on the road and wore overall pretty well for the size i had.

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