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Mar 27, 2003
Frederick, MD
My rims have been taking a thrashin' and I'm considering buying a set of steel rims to throw some dedicated off-road 35s on. My question to you folks is:
What's the best steel wheel out there that will fit a 94-97 FZJ80.
Thanks in advance.

Curran :beer:
"Best" on an accessory that is bought 99.9% of the time on cosmetics is a tough call. To me, best is stock offset and size which points to the stock steel wheels. Cdan can set you up with these.

Ya really think that steel wheels are bought 99.9% of the time for looks? Most steel rims look like A$$ to me and I imagine anyone going for looks would consider some aluminum/alloy set (right Tyler).
I've already PM'd Dan about stock set. I was just wondering if there was anything out there that was tougher or stronger.

P.S. If I end up with a stock set, they're going for a trip to the local powder coater. ;)
Good point on the steelies - was thinking of wheels in general. IMHO, the strongest wheels come from Germany and Japan. They have the highest standards in the world. Alloy wheels on stock vehicles from Japan, for instance, must handle being driven over a curb at 50mph with the vehicle loaded to its max GVWR with no loss of air. The interlocking "JWL" molded into their alloys is the symbol they pass this test.

Frankly, I'd go with the OEM steelies from Cdan if ya got the coin. For winter use, I use a set of Sequioa steelies.

Hey Dan..... price check on isle 6.....

Care to comment on a smart shopper price for OEM steelies....

I have a "friend" who might need some before spring thaw.

BIG bump for OEM. The only thing better is OME.
I found OEM steelies online for $87.32 each...
Rogue those wheels don't exist except on the web pages. If you read the fine print if not available they will search their network and try to fill the order. They weren't available anywhere when I ordered mine.

The OEM steels look pretty beefy, and have the right offset to boot.
That isn't cool.
Thanks Ed, that helps.
Well I'm hunting down Dan to order the OEM steel wheels. I'm now just wondering about the color. I think black would sure look a lot better but I've never seen the OEM in person.

How many guys have painted their OEM steels? How much trouble is it to sand off the factory paint? Seems to me that the rattle can paint is not going to hold up as well as the factory job.

Comments &/or suggestions?

any estimates on the cost of powder coating?

I knocked off the gloss with medium grit sandpaper - didn't need to remove all the paint.

Primed and topcoated.

Did it last June and they still look good.

It was easy without tires on the rims. Obviously, it won't be as easy to repaint with the tires on so I'll hope they keep looking good or I'll just lower my already low standard for appearances.

What's wrong with the original color?
Is there a load rating for the factory steel wheels?
Most aftermarket steel wheels that I can find only have a load rating of 2000 lbs. Seems kind of low for a 6000 lb rig.


The OEM wheel does not carry a published load rating. As is the case with many OEM components I expect that that particular bit of information is proprietary.

Having hoisted a few of them around I can tell you that they are MUCH more substantial than any compareable steel wheel I have delt with.
Do they include those center caps? They look good for steels, you say they are stouter than aftermarket? Sounds like the off-road wheel to have then , I have a black truck, think I might have to paint the steel wheels black also

It will be a few months before I can afford off road tires and wheels, aprox how much would a set of 5 OEM steel wheels be?

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