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Mar 17, 2007
Palm Bay, FL
OK guys, I cant decide which sliders to buy so how bout a poll:idea:

I have searched and looked at the options for the most part but would like some honest up to date info on how reliable your sliders have been... If you dont own a pair I still would like your vote on what you would purchase... I mainly am looking to find out which ones have failed and which one are bullet proof...Thanks in advance for the feedback:)

I must say the Slee SliderSteps are growing on me rapidly! I dont really like the hoop look and prefer a solid step style. Are there any others that have this design/style? Thanks
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Where is the Solid Rock Off Road option??
Best bang for the buck: SROR.
Best slider and price doesn't matter: Metal Tech.
Each slider is different and depends on personal preference. What is best for you may not be best for me.

For example, I needed something wife friendly and more like a step. I also did not want the smooth surface, wanted something that would not be slick in the rain. For me the best is the Slee Step Slider.

Others want the tube style tucked into the body more, that opens Slee, Hanna, IRBIS, Metaltech, Solid Offroad, etc,

Eaxch one of those has a difference relating to personal preference. Metal techs have storage space and can be used as airtanks, some are weld on, some are bolt on. Each with a little different CAT protection.

If I was doing a York compressor setup and wanted the onboard air storage, the metal techs would be best for my situation.

They right answer is they are all good, it's what do you need.
Where is the Solid Rock Off Road option??

SROR would be choice #4 Other Manufacturer...


Note taken on Metal Tech
Romer; They right answer is they are all good said:
Well, I need and want a outstanding product even if that means spending top dollar. I only plan on buying sliders once not upgrading like tires,springs,ect.

I have a stock rig for now but figured a set of quality sliders would be a good investment and nice start to my mods. I obviously think the cat protection is great and dont really care either way about welded on or bolted either way is feasable for me. When it comes to OBA Id prefer it in the rear cargo area just my opinion:) Lots to think about thats why I love forming my descision from everyones prior and current experience!

Thanks for the input:D
Solid Rock Off-road
I'm with Romer here. I don't think it's really fare to say one's the best. Each slider has it's own pluses. Each has it's on characteristic. It's like saying vanilla is the best. Some folks like chocolate or chocolate chip mint .......

if cat protection is important, do what i did and cut n' turn your cats to get them up more.
cut n turn mod 001 (Small).jpg
cut n turn mod 002 (Small).jpg
cut n turn mod 004 (Small).jpg
damn phil. that thing is way to clean and shiny. Makes me sick to think what my junk would look like next to that.
Or you could drill and tap your existing sliders :D They are welded to accept air pressure.
Slee, the StepSliders are also airtight?! Wrod! I was musing over stepsliders but had heard you say the tube sliders could double for an airtank for the york. Since I'm yorking it up soon, it's great news to hear the steps are also useable as tanks.

You rock! :cheers: by the way, thanks for the lift! putting it on thursday :D
Slee's step sliders leave me wanting nothing - they take the abuse (and I have come down hard on them), the step function acts both as a very strong pivot point in tight turns and a great no-slip step.

80's need a lot of slider - I'd have never run a style like this on a smaller rig, but love them on my 80. Best part was the PO paid for them :D
My choice

Whoah, WHAT are those!!!! Never seen those before..... Custom I would assume? I am having a local guy build me some this Summer and I might use some ideas from this.... Downloading pic now. Thank You...
Since we're on the topic of sliders, what are the pros/cons of bolting and welding the sliders on?
Best bang for the buck: SROR.
Best slider and price doesn't matter: Metal Tech.


one caveat: SROR's may be more rigid as Jim uses fully boxed tube, some of the tube on the MT sliders are C channel.
Since we're on the topic of sliders, what are the pros/cons of bolting and welding the sliders on?

I think bolt-on has better advantages when there is auto damage to the slider or truck frame. If in a collision, the slider or frame can be removed so it could be bent back into place. Maybe the slider would be cut off if it was in the way. Maintenece issues such as changing exhaust system and getting to hard to reach lines would be another advantage to removable sliders.
I had Slee's sliders on La Cabra for almost 5 years. They the best mod I ever did to my truck. They have paid for themselves time and time again.
Earlier this year I went to my local muffler shop to get a new set of O2 sensors installed. I took the opportunity to have my cats inspected. They look very nice inside. The grills are staying put, no rattling.

I think that any of these sliders will provide excellent protection. The foolish thing would be to go on a rocky trail without them.



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