best shocks youve ran? (1 Viewer)

Mar 29, 2009
Rio Rancho, NM
My pro comps are shot after 2 years. They have a warranty but would rather put in a longer lasting shock. I want nice riding (who doesnt) shocks that wont break the bank, what do yall use like, hate or whatever?
Feb 4, 2007
When I built my 77FJ40 I did a spring over, cut and turn of the birfields, running 37" boggers. I really didn't know how the ride would be with Alcan Military wrap springs. The only thing that I thought of was using the Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks. I can run down the freeway at 80 all day long very smooth with a medium setting. When I go for the rocks I lower it to 1 and I have the best of both worlds a soft ride with all the articulation.
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