Best place to get an ARB locker?

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by jgordon, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I'm putting it in the 60 section as I'm looking for a 60-specific locker, and ARB offers different models for different trucks, all at varying prices.

    First, I assume I'm looking for a model RD 124. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Cruiser outfitters has them for $825. I know he comes highly recommended. is selling them for about $730 - I say about as the site is currently down. I think they were slightly better than CO on compressors as well.

    Are these prices reasonable, or am I missing some deals?

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    Kurt at cruiser outfitters is your man, bought my RD33 from him (for Full Float rear) ... RD124 is for the Semi-Float axle. Kurt installs these himself, so he knows the issues that can arise, and will offer tech help accordingly. Also, should you need replacement parts in the future, Kurt will service (or warranty) what he sells...

    Sure, you can probably find it cheaper, but who you wanna buy from? ...Guys who sit around all day dreaming of J**Ps or Land Cruisers ?

    I had mine installed by ZUK

  3. sl33py


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    TLC also has them. Not sure if prices are current, but looks like a good deal. Thinking of the same myself, so make sure and let us know where you get yours.
    TLC Parts

    I agree w/ SS on most. If it's 20$ i'll get it from someone i trust and want to support, but if it's 100$ then i weigh the likelyhood of failure and any hassle at that point. I likely will go with least expensive route on my lockers - since they are $$ to begin with, and ARB is near me if i need to get parts.

    my .02.

  4. Norris Marshak

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Jared, Norris Marshak here. I met you at the Gotham lunch, and we spoke about Jim Beedon and his work. In fact, he's working on rear rig like yours for my 60. More to the point, however, call OK4WD, Stewartsville, New Jersey, probably an hour and a half ride for you. Ask for Chuck. Tell him you are a Gotham member and he and OK come highly recommended. Ask him to sharpen his pencil! They also do installations. I bought my Arb bumper there, my winch, and had them installed while I waited. Great price, great service. Hopes this helps you out. Regards, N.M.
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