Best Mod in the history of Mods for the 100

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Dec 29, 2012
Marietta GA
I installed a cheap $299.00 Sony Apple CarPlay radio in my 1998 LC today and am overjoyed with the transformation on the truck.

My wife has a fairly new 4Runner and I have a 200 series LC also and now the 100 is in a league of its own out front!

The 4Runner and the 200 series LC have Bluetooth streaming audio but neither have CarPlay!

I still have all the factory speakers and amp! It took 30 minutes with the kit from Clutchfield! I highly recommend this for anyone that uses google maps and props their phone on the dash while driving. My only negative is I can not play movies through it because I have not figured out how yet.

PS. I spent $335.00 delivered for everything!

I love mine. I have a similar model Sony.

Movies must be played from a USB drive and you have to ground the e-brake wire otherwise, you'll need to have the e-brake on to watch the movie.
One of the benefits of non-nav which can be found from years 98-2001 and gets really rare after that, you can easily jump into 2019 technology which not all cars have with the carplay/android auto, one cool thing is they now have wireless carplay/android auto which you don't need to connect phone through USB.
OK Ill bite what is "car play"
Pairs your Iphone to the deck and you see features from your homescreen on your deck.
It will allow you to use your google maps, text messages and music streaming without looking at your phone.
There is an Android version also called Android auto. Some decks have both, wired and wireless
I've got a Kenwood double din with wired CarPlay. It doesn't seem to me like there are that many wireless CarPlay options out there. My ideal features would be (1) wireless connectivity to my Iphone, (2) a real volume knob, rather than up and down rocker switches, and (3) integrated Alexa or Google Play
The absence of volume knobs kills these for me and many others. Knobs worked great for over a century and aren't any harder to design around than rocker switches... I'll never understand why they've gone the way of the Dodo.
What is the Sony model number? Also, what kit? Thanks.
Was going to ask the same. Do you have to hook phone up or is it wireless?
When designing a screen for the stereo, putting a knob would require significantly shrinking the screen size to still fit in a standard double din slot. The rocker switches allow a small area at the bottom to serve that function and keep the screen as large as possible.
Actually I did the same swap but went to a Sony XAV-AX1000 based on advice from folks here. It has a small volume knob and nearly the same screen size. I agree this is an excellent mod that really makes the LX feel like a nice truck again.
at least u guys have the option to do this since u don't have to worry about the climate control system
The radio is a Sony XAV-AX3000, there was an adapter kit that plugged directly into the Toyota harness. The phone has to be plugged into the radio for the CarPlay.
What format do the files need to be in to play?
Video files that is.
lots of models have wireless AA now. pioneer, kenwood, sony. Maybe others. I want my pioneer to die so I have another excuse to switch.
I just ordered a 3 knob heater control from a local wrecking yard - under $200 including the wire pigtails. Will be replacing my ‘02 Nav unit with this new control and adding a Pioneer 4400NEX which has wireless CarPlay. Based on my experience with CarPlay in my wife’s minivan and my 05 Pilot, and the Bluetooth unit installed in my LX, I am willing to pay a little more for the wireless CarPlay. I love not needing to plug my phone in now to connect the audio, and it will feel like a step back to have to start doing that even though I’m connecting into a modern head unit.

I loved adding the CarPlay unit to my Pilot and am really looking forward to this mod in my LX. Having backup camera, navigation, etc.. in one screen and the controls at my fingertips is definitely going to be a rad addition. Here’s hoping I don’t screw up the install! (Although, based on the extensive notes and tips in the Pre-03 thread, if I get stuck there is help available).

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