Best material to stop a rattle?

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Jun 10, 2015
Franklin, Massachusetts
ok guys, I've had this anoying rattle come from my passenger door for a while, when I'm on a road with a lot of potholes or gravel it drives me bananas.

It's the plastic door liner I made rattling against something within the door, ever so slightly.

Is there a good stick on adhesive that I can get anywhere just to keep the vibrations from making the rattle?? Just needs to go between the plastic and the piece within the door so it's tight and the rattle with disappear

Totally lost on what would work, and I know our trucks inherently have all kinds of rattles and whistles but this one I can live without
Try a sound dampening material like dynamat or fatmat. I used it on the underside of my center console to stop rattles from vibration.
A piece of bubble wrap would probably do the trick.
When I did a complete door rehab, I used peel n stick Ensolite foam stuff. Pretty sure it's from RaamAudio. Got a big ass roll to do the other interior panels too.

It's thin stuff that also compresses flat at contact points so it's not bulky at all. Cut to fit with scissors, I stacked layers where more bulk was needed, like just enough to make light contact with the rattly door linkage.

Used it bulk too to cover the entire backside of the interior panels. Pic...

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