Best Deals on Lock-Rights?

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Dose anyone know where i can find the best deal on a lock right? &nbsp:Desert Rat has them for $260?
I just bought 2 lockrites from National Tire & Wheel for $262 each and free shipping.
remember too the EZ-Lock from Detroit is identical...price those too.
I just looked a 4 wheel parts and wholesale online and they want 304.00 for the Detroit EZ-lock. I am think i found a place to get my Lock Right cheep though:) thanks Design311...just need to sell the crappy 235's that came on the cruiser and i will have duh to post em forsale in the local bargain hunter.

Check Central 4wd. I think they were $241.
what's the difference in the lock rights and detroits new ez lock? any pluses to the ez lock?
I am planning on putting a lock right in the rear of my 40 , and was just wondering how this will behave for a daily ride? Any things i should look out for?

Couple things you have to get used to:
1. Axle twisting as you let in the clutch hard
2. Makes a nice clicking noise when parking in a parking space with the clutch pushed in 1st gear :p
3. Learn how to take corners with it cause it's going to be different
what's the difference in the lock rights and detroits new ez lock?  any pluses to the ez lock?

the difference are so minor as to not be worth I've installed both...essentially identical.

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