best deal on steel wheels?

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Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
contemplating buying a set of steel wheels and putting on some serious offroad tires on it for when we are really going to get out there in the boonies, in contrast to daily driving. This is a 2000 LC. Am concerned about running P tires in Baja and the like...
Not quite sure this is a reasonable or cost-effective approach yet, actually, but thought I'd ask.
Any idea of source for recommended inexpensive steel wheels that would fit?
What is best size to get to put on the biggest tires that would fit a stock suspension?
Or anybody got a spare set they don't need?
The wheels on the 100 series are 5-lug and vary in diameter from 16 to 17 and maybe 18's (?) on the newest models. They routinely pop up on eBay for very reasonable prices though you have to watch out for those places that get "take-offs", chrome them, jack up the price, and sell them on eBay.

A set of the stock take-offs should cost you about $200-$300 plus shipping. You'll pay $60/wheel or more for after-market steelies. Never heard of 100 series OEM steelies here in the US.

You'll want 8" but I don't know the offset and the other wheel specs. Drexx can give you that information as well as the tyre sizes.

thanks B. I take it that these "take-offs" would be original OEM alloys that folks are dumping in favor of bigger wheels?

Thanks for your suggestion, Junk. Personally, I prefer a bit less colorful, but eh, who am I to criticize your taste in colors? <G>


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