Best Damn Forum on the planet!

Jan 3, 2007
Portland OR rules.
I just bought a non-Toyota car due to the fact that Toyota doesn't make a car with looking at in my opinion, and have searched for a decent forum to find out what people are doing to them. Know what I have found?....

Bob: I just got one!
Al: Me too!
Harry: Whoa. Cool.
Steve: How much you pay?
Al: A little more than I should have.
Bob: Me too. Cool though!
Harry: Yeah. Cool.
Nick: Guess what?! I got one too.
Harry: Whoa. Cool.

Domestic owners are a different breed.
I have learned more good cool stuff about my FJ here than I ever could have from the dealer or manufacturer site.
It's really no wonder Toyota is taking over the damn world. All the great people own them!

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