Best books/manuals for an FJ60 newbie?

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Mar 7, 2006
I'm looking at the haynes manual, as well as the moses ludel book (seems to come up a lot). I'm pretty mechanical, but what books would you recommend buying to learn more about the model, how to fix stuff, general maintenance, etc? I tried searching, and some people say the factory manuals are good - any sources on them?

for one, pick up the factory repair manual, as you mentioned. new ones can be bought online and good used ones can be found on ebay. picked up my FJ62 factory manual on ebay for $30 (retails for $95).
would you recommend the other two or just the factory manual?
check you can download the body manual. hope you have a cable modem. the only one you have to buy a paper copy of is the emissions, atleast i never found that one on the internet yet.
I'm also fairly new to cruisers and have yet to need any books other than the FSMs. This forum helps a lot too.

There's also a separate 2F engine manual. I've never managed to find that one on the internet either, but would love to know where it is if someone else has found it.
I think the factory repair manual and Haynes (and this board) may be all you'll ever need... I have the Ludel book and read through it, but I never actually use it when I need to make repairs... it stays in the house. 90% of the time, the Toyota factory book is all you need, but sometimes it's good to compare illustrations and photos with the Haynes just to make sure you're doing the right thing.
Give Toyota Publications a call: 1-800-622-2033 or just look 'em up online. I think I got mine in 3 business days. The total cost for all 6 manuals and supplements was $140 and some change. You may not need all of them right away but they're one of the best investments you can make for your Land Cruiser.

Originally Posted by 2mbb

These are mine:

2F Engine: 36104
2F emmissions: 36043
Chassis and Body: 36262E
Chassis and Body supplement 4/85: 36274A
Electrical Wiring Diagram 1983: 36679A
Maintenance Procedures 1985: 36788A

:cheers: , Tom
Wow - good lead. Thank you for that.
If you can find it, as a companion to the FSM, get Larry Owens, How To Keep Your Toyota Pickup Alive (John Muir Publications, 1988). Although it is directed at owners of mini trucks, it explains HOW to do lots of common maintenance and repair proceedures. For a one banana guy like me, it has been invaluable.

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