Best bang for the buck. Header and misc

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Oct 25, 2005
Hagerstown MD
Well, give your opinons from experience.

Best header for the money, nothing fancy just works well

motor mounts, and tranny bushings

Radiator, recore with 4 rows or just replace it?

clutch disc. engine is going to be mainly stock only moderate wheeling occasional boulder or two.

I'm dropping in a 79 motor in a 78. any issues I should know about.

Thanks Kenn
best cheap header, SOR two piece....marks off road has a one piece that will work good also...he is a good guy too. :beer:

OEM mounts and bushings work well....

4 core rad can be picked up on line reasonably....there are many threads/posts out here on that topic.

LUK clutch set up, or any other quality reman unit will work, Napa/Carquest, etc...

Strait-forward big deal.

Good luck!


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