Best ARB for a 2000 100??

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Feb 26, 2008
Hey Howdy Mudders! Anyone know if the below bumper will fit a 2000 series 100 LC? (site says its for 2003-2005) Any other suggesitons? Would like to run Hd9000 or HD12000 + lights. Also looking for rear bumper too. OME HD suspension being installed on vehicle soon + diff drop kit -- not planning to rock crawl. As always, any advice most appreciated.


The bumper you've got in the pic is the combination bar with the optional recessed fog lights. It's only available for the '03+ years in that config. You can get the same bar (minus the lights) for your '00. If you like the lights there's also the Sahara bar, it has a single chrome hoop instead of the bars, and is available for the '00.
It fits. I installed the +03 on my '00. I just followed the supplied instructions. The only difference is that the gap between the lights and bumper will be larger on the earlier 100s than on a +03. Check my featured 100 thread, I think I have pictures of this. There is some grinding and drilling involved.
AFAIK, it will fit. I believe the latest version doesn't require trimming of the frame rails.
It Fits

I just installed one on my '99 last weekend. Fits great! As previously stated, there is a small gap between the bumper and trim that goes under the headlight and grill, but its hardly noticeable and I'm pretty finicky about that sort of stuff. I have a blog that I'll be showing the install including pictures of the "gap", but those pix won't be up until next week as my wife took the camera to Arizona for Spring Break.

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