Bent cooler outlet line= power steering volcano?

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Dec 8, 2008
I replaced my radiator a 3 months ago, and replaced my leaking Ps pump in the process as well as all of the lines. While fitting the tight 3/8 line on the the cooler, I slightly bent the cooler tube. I connected everything up anyway because the bend did not leak, but I think the constriction might be causing my problem. I can make a geyser just by turning the wheel with the engine off (wheels off the ground).

I've done the fsm bleed procedure over 5 times with the front axle on stands. I've also tried a few bleed procedures mentioned here on mud, but the volcano will not go away or even decrease. It almost appears to be a geyser instead of foam. I'll list what I replaced.

New oem Ps pump
Toyota Atf
High pressure line from cruiser parts
Oem reservoir line
Sienna line to cooler
Generic 3/8 line from cooler to reservoir

There are no leaks anywhere and my steering feels normal. Slight whine when the steering is at lock, but nothing extreme. This is my dd so I would've thought any air trapped would have bled out by now with normal driving.

My only guess is that the bend caused a constriction that is acting like a nozzle for the Ps fluid going back to the reservoir. I have very limited experience with hydraulic systems. So if someone could tell me if I'm on the right track that'd be awesome.

I've been working on this problem for a while now so it's hard to be objective. Maybe the infinite wisdom of mud can shine some light! Thanks!

That would be normal to me. If if does not squirt out the vent hole on the cap, just cap it up and run it. John
I agree. My spits fluid everywhere when the cap is off and running.
Sorry, I should clarify.

This picture is with the engine running but I can also produce a volcano by turning the steering wheel with the engine off and the wheels off the ground.
Mine does the same with the engine running.
It's interesting that everyone has a similar jet of Ps fluid with the engine idling and the cap off. I've attached a pic of the fsm and it states there should be a max fluid rise of 5mm between engine off and idling. The fsm diagram also shows a level fluid surface in the reservoir while idling.


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