For Sale Bend OR, Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition tent, 270 degree shadow awning, 50" light bar

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Nov 26, 2005
United States
Posting this for a friend of mine. He changes his mind like crazy so all of this stuff is pretty new, really nice and relatively low mile. $4500 for the tent awning and lightbar. A better description and his contact info is in the ad.
thats a ridiculosly good price like wtf low if I didnt just pay same for tent alone Id drive there to pick it up
If anyone is interested in splitting the package i would be interested in the awning. I checked with the seller he is not willing to split at this time. I do not need the tent or the light bar. It's a long shot I know but putting it out there in case someone really wants the tent but not the awning.
Looks like everything is sold. He has some arb drawers available but that's all that's left.

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