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Feb 16, 2011
C. Ore
Bend Oregon, United States
2015 Kimberley Kamper Limited Edition - Bend Or - $39,900.00

Ordered direct from the Kimberley factory in Ballina, NSW Australia and optioned to our specifications, this 2015 Limited Edition Kamper has been nothing short of an amazingly comfortable, capable, and reliable trailer. The attention to detail and level of quality in these units is unparalleled. This trailer has been able to go anywhere our 100 Series Land Cruiser could take it, without hesitation.

Unfortunately for us, the time has come for us to change things up with our camping vehicle(s). With young kids now grown up, the Kimberley doesn’t get the use it deserves. As you will see from the photos and description, this turnkey setup is ready for the next round of adventures. I have listed the standard features of the 2015 Limited Edition, as well as the upgrades we added from the factory, along with the extras we have added back here in the USA.

In 2015 Kimberley offered four Kamper base models to configure from, they were the: Classic, Limited Edition, Special Edition, Platinum Edition. We found the Limited Edition to have the best all-around starting point for us to configure from.

Worth noting, I am an aircraft mechanic by trade, with nearly 30-years experience. To a fault, I am detailed oriented and extremely meticulous about taking care of and maintaining my equipment/gear. I believe in being open and honest, as I would hope others would do for me. This is a serious investment and I am an open book to how this trailer has been used, maintained and looked after.

I apologize for the long winded description, but there is a lot to this trailer and a lot of thought has gotten us to this point.

More photos: iCloud Photo Sharing -

Video walk through: iCloud Photo Sharing -

General Condition:
As good as new condition. That may sound boastful, but you will see for yourself in the photos and description.

The Kamper has been garaged when not in use since arriving on US soil.

The Kimberley decals were removed to keep any paint wear/tear equal, although I haven’t seen any paint fade or signs of deterioration.

Paint protection tape added in any high wear areas.

Kamper was opened up, washed inside/out (canvas, painted surfaces, drawers, Delta boxes, etc) and fully dried after each trip. There is no mold or dry rot issues anywhere on the Kamper.

2.5’’ x 3.5’’ hole in the “Rhino” (bed liner coating) on the left propane tank stone shield. Both propane tank stone shields have served their purpose in deflecting gravel. At some point, they could be re-coated.

Dimensions: 195’’ long x 71’’ wide x 63’’ tall.
Tongue: 330 lbs
Tare: 2,125 lbs

We elected to purchase the full canvas wall and draught skirt package. Other than initial setup upon receiving the trailer, the walls, draught skirt and ensuite were never used and are new in their storage bags. There are three walls that attach to the Kwik Awning allowing to you select some or all as required.

We opted for both rear bedroom options. One is the larger (Extended) bedroom with full height and the other is the wedge style (Compact) that tapers to the rear. We found we liked the wedge style better for quicker setup/teardown. Both bedrooms can be left attached to the trailer when closed and stowed, although we found the compact bedroom easier for stowing.

We also have an extra Kwik Awning that is new in the bag. This was due to the original Kwik Awning being received with a pin hole in it. The pin hole has never caused any issues, so we continued to use it and leave the other in new condition.

There is also a Batwing Awning included with this build for encompassing the kitchen creating a wind break above the Delta box and the front of the trailer.

We also purchased the Rack Sack storage bag for securing items to the top off the Delta box. This has proven to be an extremely useful item with loads of flexibility. It is made out of the same canvas as everything else.

Other than the pin hole mentioned above, there’s no other damage or wear to any of the canvas and it is 100% waterproof.

The robust trailing A-arm suspension is complimented with the Fox Shocks absorbers and air bags.

I added an ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor and Firestone dual air pressure gauge with independent air bag switches for on-board air. This allows you to individually adjust each air bag for leveling the trailer at the campsite (this is a game changer) or quickly changing the height for extra clearance or lowering for highway travel. Additionally I added an air coupling to utilize the air compressor for airing up tires, paddle boards, float tubes, etc.

We upgraded to the one-touch hydraulic brake system offered by Kimberley, along with the 5 x 14mm on 150mm Toyota lug pattern hubs. The one-touch brake system is compatible with a large selection of electric brake controllers commonly found in the USA.

Next came the 16’’ Toyota Alloy wheels with 285/75R16 BFG KO2’s, to include the spare tire, which also matched my tow vehicle giving me two total usable spares if needed. All three Kamper tires were rotated regularly to ensure even wear.

At present the tire tread is 13/32’s (a new KO2 is 14/32’s).

I also added Spydertrax wheel spacers to match the track width of my 100 Series Land Cruiser. And allow the Toyota center caps to attached as well.

Hot Water Heater/Water System and Furnace:
The Kamper also comes with the Webasto diesel hot water system, which we upgraded to include the furnace option inside the trailer. Both are great options that have been a true luxury to have the use of. The hot water is quick and extremely efficient, burning very little diesel.

Separate to the Kimberley supplied diesel tank in the right Delta box, I have added a 2 gallon RotoPax diesel can with a RotoPax Deluxe mount. More than enough diesel for the Webasto.

There is also an inline filter for the cold water system on the kitchen slide.

Inside the right side Delta box is the water tap and temperature mixing unit for the outside shower.

On the left propane tank pod, there is a non-filtered hand pump water tap.

The 120 liter (31.75 US Gallon) fresh water tank also includes a heating element to prevent freezing.

All exterior plumbing in insulated as well.

We elected to go with the single Wok burner and BBQ with split pantry configuration. Which has been an absolute dream kitchen to prepare meals in.

I fab’d some aluminum wind breaks/shields to help with the cooking efficiency. The wind breaks/shields fold up and are stowed in the pantry.

The fridge (National Luna 52L fridge) in the photos is NOT included in the sale of the trailer, but was left in the photos for size reference purposes. The fridge slide is massive, measuring 37.5’’ L x 20’’ W x 23.5’’ T. Able to accommodate a very large fridge.

The pull-out sink is a brilliant design, very useful and practical. Loads of prep surface area and the additional breakfast table slides out from under the sink, providing more surface space.

The kitchen faucet allows for the ability to fill large water bottles, buckets, etc by swiveling the faucet over the pull-out and filling off the side.

All Delta boxes, sink area and breakfast table have individually controlled LED lighting.

The vertical pantry houses the kitchen lighting switched, water heater, water pump, water tank heater and volt meter.

Includes a Croc Bin trash bag holder for mounting on left propane tank pod.

Electrical/Solar System:
Consists of six 35AH Interstate batteries, for a total of 210AH’s. Batteries were replaced Aug 2020 and the trailer has been stored since.

There is a 25W fixed solar panel mounted on the front Delta box and an additional 100W flexible panel with 20’ power cord with Anderson plugs for chasing the sun. I will include some new solar panel mounts that have only been used once. I generally secure the panel to the tent. The 100W panel stores perfectly in the front Delta box.

There is an additional Anderson plug on the back of the right Delta box for the solar input.

There is an A/C shore power plug, which runs through the battery management system (40A charger and solar MPPT). There is also two GFCI A/C outlets (one interior and one exterior) along with multiple Merit/Bosch style D/C plugs throughout the trailer.

Inside the Tent:
There is a queen size bed with an D/C membrane heater (upgrade item) to reduce any condensation that occurs in the mattress. The membrane heater runs on a configurable timer. The bed platform is on gas struts to allow the bed to lift up from the foot of the bed and gain easy access to the pull-out drawer or the battery bank.

Underneath the bed is a lighted, lockable large stainless steel pull-out drawer (upgrade item). The drawer is accessible from the rear access door when the trailer is folded up allowing you the ability to access everything under the bed regardless of the trailer configuration.

Additionally there is a small lockable compartment (safe) under the mattress.

There is two stalk LED reading lights at the head of the bed and a 96 LED light overhead providing more that adequate lighting.

There is also a switch panel with lighting controls, USB ports, D/C plugs, heater fan and 12Vdc fan controls.

The Boat Loader was optioned to use as a means to store Mt Bikes, paddles boards, etc. I fabricated an add-on that enables the ability to connect 2’’ receiver hitch style bike rack to the Boat Loader. Not only does this allow you to carry the bikes on the trailer without extending the overall length, but also allows you to leave the bikes hooked to the boat loader/bike rack and open the tent without off loading all the bikes. The second option to the 2’’ receiver hitch rack option was to also allow you to set up a “base camp” with the trailer, remove the rack from the Boat loader and attach to the tow vehicle for rides further away from your base camp.

The secondary feature of the add-on I fabricated was a rain gutter style lip to allow the attachment of common (Yakima, Thule, etc) rain gutter mount towers for adding load bars for carrying paddle boards, surf boards and anything else commonly attached to load bars. Again, same theory as in the bikes, the boat ladder cams over and out of the way when you need to setup the tent.

The Chassis also includes the ability to add any of the Kimberley Rear Swivel Mounted Accessories, like jerry can holder, outboard boat motor holder, 2’’ receiver hitch, etc.

Included is two 20 lbs Propane tanks.

General Construction:
There is NO wood used in the manufacturing of the Kamper. Only a combination of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and a urethane one-piece tub (interior of tent).

I added a wood shelf in the right Delta box with some L-Track, which was supposed to be temporary for proof of concept, but it ended up staying long term.

The trailer is truly built to last forever. I cannot say enough good things about how well thought out and practical it is.

Extra included items:
  • Aluminum bench (Werner drywall ladder). Mounts to boat loader and fits under bikes or paddle boards, etc.
  • Campfire in a Can. Propane “campfire”, allows you to have a campfire in most locations when the National Forests' are closed due to high fire danger. Also, no campfire smoke! This fits perfectly in the right Delta box, secured by the L-track.
  • Yakima rain gutter towers and cross bars.
  • Extra stakes, ropes for guying all canvas.
  • Screw in sand stakes/pegs.
  • Spare John Guest metric plumbing fittings.
  • Spare canvas pole fittings/parts.
  • Blue Ridge Overland velcro storage bags.
  • Spare air bag.
  • Spare brake pads.
  • Spare jockey wheel parts.
  • Other misc items.
2015 Limited Edition Standard Features
  • Laser cut, interlocked, hot dipped galvanized chassis.
  • Independent trailing A arm suspension.
  • Air bag suspension.
  • Mono tube Fox Shock absorbers tuned for air suspension.
  • Treg off-road hitch coupling.
  • Rhino coated stone shielding.
  • Silver high quality gloss paint.
  • Semi-Pneumatic jockey wheel.
  • 1500 liter Delta Box front storage.
  • Fridge Slide with locking roller bearing slides.
  • 120 liter (31.75 US Gallon) rear water tank with quantity monitoring system.
  • Cold water filter.
  • Webasto diesel hot water heater system.
  • Advanced tent body.
  • All weather window.
  • Tent ventilation kit.
  • Integrated Ensuite with walls.
  • Batwing kitchen awning.
  • Kwik Awning 2.0m x 6.7m (6.5’ x 22’) with LED lighting.
  • Stainless steel slide-out kitchen.
  • Integrated stainless steel table for slide-out kitchen.
  • Delta box fridge ventilation fan kit.
  • Uni Cooker slide with split sliding pantry with Wok Burner and BBQ.
  • Vertical pantry.
  • Concealed safe under bed.
  • Swing-away knuckle mount set.
  • integrated pole storage box.
  • Battery bank voltage meter.
  • Anderson plug cable (to tow vehicle connection).
  • 25 watt solar panel on front Delta box.
  • Dual LED reading stalk lights.
  • 2x 30 LED lights over cooker in Delta box.
  • 30 LED light on kitchen slide near sink.
  • 30 LED light on dining bench.
  • 30 LED light in front Delta box.
  • 30 LED light in left Delta box.
  • 30 LED light in under bed storage slide.
  • 96 LED light inside tent.
2015 Limited Edition Upgrade List
  • Tropical roof ($610.00)
  • Kwik Awning complete canvas wall kit ($1932.00).
  • Extra Kwik Awning 2.0m x 6.7m (6.5’ x 22’) with LED lighting ($544.00).
  • Rear bedroom extended ($835.00).
  • Rear bedroom compact ($714.00).
  • Anderson solar input on left Delta box ($100.00).
  • One Touch parking brake system ($1932.00).
  • Under bed stainless steel storage drawer ($723.00).
  • Water tank outlet tap ($70.00).
  • Drawbar extension ($355.00).
  • 40A Battery charger ($100.00).
  • Dual layer foam mattress ($170.00).
  • Boat Loader ($1228.00).
  • Under bed membrane heater ($317.00).
  • Rack sack storage bag ($275.00).
  • Diesel space heater 1.2kw ($587.00).
  • 5 Stud Toyota compatible hubs ($234.00).
  • Fox Shocks ($850.00).
  • Propane bottle hose, regulator and quick disconnect x2 ($155.00).
Additional items included
  • 16’’ Toyota Land Cruiser Alloy wheels, x3 to include matching spare.
  • BFG KO2 A/T 285/75R16 with 13/32’s tread remaining (new tread depth is 14/32’s) x3 to include matching spare.
  • 20lb Propane tanks x2.
  • Spydertrax wheel spacers.
  • ARB CKMA12 air compressor.
  • Firestone dual air pressure gauge and switch panel.
  • 100W solar panel.
  • Aluminum solar panel brakets.
  • Aluminum bench with integrated mount on boat loader.
  • Interstate batteries x6, 35AH - 210AH total (7-months old).
  • Custom made boat loader mount system for receiver hitch compatible bike rack and rain gutter style compatible tower mounts.
  • Yakima rain gutter tower mounts and load bars.
  • Aluminum wind screens for wok burner and BBQ.
  • Campfire in a Can propane portable campfire.
  • RotoPax 2gal diesel can with Deluxe RotoPax mount.
  • Croc Bin trash bag holder.
  • Loads of stakes, guy ropes, water tank fill spout, and other misc items.
  • USB charging hub.
  • Blue Ridge Overland velcro storage pouches (12’’x6’’x2’’)
  • New sand bags for use as deadman.
  • Screw in sand stakes/pegs.
  • Misc spare John Guest metric water system fittings.
  • Misc spare awning pole fittings/parts.
  • Spare air bag.
  • Spare set of brake pads.
  • Spare jockey wheels parts.
  • Trailer cover.






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