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Sep 4, 2005
hey guys well i have some good news i stayed up about 9 hours straight pulling the head off my 86 it did have a blown head gasket nasty one sent the head off to get machined and valve job put it all back together but when i originally purchased the truck there was only one belt which was for alternator ps/ac/airpump where all left disconnected neways i went purchased some belts but a/c is missing 2 bolts from the bottom has the tension bolt but not the other 2 in the bottom so does anyone know the theading or w/e on those??? and can someone show me how the belts go because i dont think the belt thats on there is for a toyota.... ill take some pics tmw and give you guys a heads up
Jul 13, 2003
I'm not quite sure how to help...assuming you have a 2F in NA, with AC, then you should have three belts.

One runs from the main to the AC only.
Second runs from the main to the Alt and Powersteering.
Third runs from main to waterpump and airpump.

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