Belt issues, need help

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Dec 2, 2009
Tomball, Texas
I just bought a 83 FJ60 yesterday, and upon driving it home tonight I heard something snap, I stopped opened the hood and noticed the main fan belt was shredded!

The truck has AC and power steering. I can't tell if it was one belt or 2 that brought. There is still a belt running from the engine to the more drivers side of the FJ, but the AC, alternator don't have a belt around them.

Sorry, I don't have a pic to show. I called NAPA and Autozone, and they both told me I needed a 59.5" belt, but they also said there was another option that was 60"...... Im just not sure which to get....???
Thanks, I just printed off the diagram and went out and took a look. my main crank pulley only has room for one more belt, but the diagram shows 3 belts for the US version. I'll take some picks in the morning. This bites, we were planning on taking the FJ tomorrow, now it looks like it's gonna be a week or so before I can drive it again :-(

The Vane Pump wheel was difficult to turn
I'm not completely sure if this FJ60 is set up the correct way, my arrangement doesn't seem to match the pic you gave a link to? My crank case wheel only has 2 grooves and my AL and CC are reversed top and bottom. The CK, WP and AP seem normal however. The AC was after market in this FJ, so I am wondering if I just need to measure the distance through the rest of the pulleys and get a belt the same length?






you'll need to measure as that is aftermarket as you stated.
you need to measure the route of the belt, around all the items without a belt, as long as they all line up in the same plane.

looking at 1 pic shows parts of the old belt in the fan shroud, is it all chewed up or still the legnth and just broke.

after measuring and the parts guy gives you a #, get 1 or 2 a bit shorter, just in case, you can always return them. it'll save a trip
That's a weird setup there.
Best get 2 for a spare or document the part numbers you find that work and keep them in an easy to find spot.
mine is set up like that. Go get a kevlar lawnmower belt. I have not wheeled with it on but on road driving is just fine. And yes i know i am going to get flamed but it works just fine.
Measured wrong the first time and bought a 64"..... but what we were using to measure stretched :-(, to late to run back in to buy a different one, but the correct measurement is 67-1/2", guess I'm running in, in the morning.
Something looks odd in the pic of the A/C pump pic how do do adjust the pump distance it appears to only have the pivot bolt are you just torqueing the crap out of the pivot bolt to stop any movement.
The AC pump has 2 pivot bolts..??? So it doesn't move at all, I'm not sure why the PO had it like that, but it back up and running and doing good

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