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Jun 4, 2003
Anchorage AK

Its not just toyota stuff, there's links on this page for the equivalent site for other makes.  I haven't ordered anything for my 80 yet but I did order some parts for my Ford a few months ago.  Great service, quick shipping, used USPS (much cheaper to Alaska).  I was quoted $125 locally for clutch master cyl for my Ford Pickup.  Got it thru this site for <$85 including shipping to Alaska.

Just priced the airfilter tube between the throttle body and airfilter.  List was $85.82, their price $68.66..... Not bad.
I priced out a few other parts I need with similar results.

You can search a lot of parts by location/function, but Part #'s help.  

Cheers all :)
Re: &nbsp;Below List OEM Parts


>> but Part #'s help. <<

There's the rub. You not only need the p/n but you would like to be sure that you have the right part number.

I believe it was Rick that bought a throttle cable from his local dealer last week and found out he got the wrong part.

Re: &nbsp;Below List OEM Parts

It is nice to have someone to talk you through stuff when the help is needed. The below list price can be had elsewhere.

I needed a new PS knuckle. &nbsp:Dealer quoted me ~$250. I searched for a few seconds for a phone number and poof! The knuckle ended up costing much less. :D
Re:  Below List OEM Parts

Ray Charles has a better chance of finding the right part number in the dark than my guy!

Find a new guy! ::)

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