Bellhousing mount marked with Vin#?

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Mar 27, 2009
I was sandblasing some parts from my '68 F motor that will be used on my new 2F and noticed on the passenger bellhousing mount it is marked with FJ40 12812 and some other numbers I can barely make out. Does anyone know if this is supposed to be the vin number? If so, this would be from a pre '64?
Part number
Part number

That would make sense except I can't find a listing for it in the old to new part number conversion. Next step would be to dig out a old micro-fiche and see what the part number is for the right rear motor mount bracket.
If anyone knows it would be you LITP!
Thanks guys. Odd that the drivers side isn't marked.
Thanks guys. Odd that the drivers side isn't marked.

It’s probably newer and wouldn’t have the 10-digit modern numbering system stamped into. The right one clearly isn’t original to the 1968 engine.

Can look it up this way.

But find it easier to look it up this way to find the new number. ;)

Just wish I had a time machine to go back to the mid sixties when not only were these parts still available but at rediculous prices.

Complete soft top.

A Husky aftermarket top available to dealers thru Toyota.

Same with a Ramsey PTO winch.
Hey LITP when you get there (60’s) pick up a few parts for me! Thanks.

And of course John P. @pardion would know what that part number is!
Ive always liked the old system of parts numbering ... you get to see how the parts got reused from vehicle to vehicle but can see how confusing it must have got in 63’ with the amount of vehicles they were making in comparison to the several of the 50’s

Link: Early Toyota Parts Numbering System ETPNS

@Living in the Past easiest solution is to go back with gold bars :meh:

@Living in the Past easiest solution is to go back with gold bars :meh:


Buying gold at today's prices and selling it at mid sixties prices defeats the huge advantage. Currency in coins weights too much and having coins with real silver content used at face value would not be a good idea either. I was working on a time machine until I figured all the pitfalls. :meh::hillbilly:


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