Bellhousing Brackets - J30 vs H42

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Apr 5, 2008
Menifee, CA
Are the L brackets that bolt to the bell housing on the J30 and the H42 bellhousings dimensionally the same? If I have the brackets from my J30 assembly, can they be reused without issue on the H42 bellhousing for a 4 speed swap? I have most of the parts for a 4 speed swap, but I do not have the bell housing brackets for the H42 bellhousing. There is a kid locally selling a bunch of parts and I know he has some bellhousing brackets, but I am not sure how to identify if they are for J30 or H42. If the brackets are identical between the J30 and H42, I don't need to locate brackets. If they are not identical, are there any obvious identifiers on the H42 brackets so I can know what I am looking at?

AFAIK they are the same
Think different version were for clutch slave cylinder and transfer case shift linkage. Not three speed verses four speed. Slave cylinder was preferred on right side because exhaust on the left. With a dash mounted shift for the transfer case the clutch slave cylinder had to go on the left. While the FJ40 transfer case shifted of the dash in the US until the early seventies some markets shifted off the floor back to the early sixties.

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