Bell housing pan from 86 fit 83?

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Mar 1, 2007
Bell housing pan (flywheel/clutch inspection cover?) from 86 fit 83?

I'm not too sure about the proper terminology...."bellhousing pan" or "flywheel/clutch inspection cover."

Mine has been MIA since the day I bought the truck. Is the bell housing the same from 83 to 86? Or will an 86 cover fit an 83?
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You should be fine. :)
No. You need the cover from one of the earlier bellhousings. I've only compared a couple of models but this is how I think it breaks down. When the FJ60's received the tranny & t-case combination with the spacer the tranny crossmember was changed to one which spans the underside of the framerails. This crossmember also clocks the tranny a few degrees. Because of this tilt to the tranny the bellhousing is slightly asymmetrical and the vertical portions of the inspection cover are not the same height. With the earlier untilted bellhousings the vertical sides of the inspection cover are identical. Clear as mud?

Upshot is that you can't swap these inspection covers. I tried once.
Clear as mud. Thanks

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