Before and after fj60 build

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Jun 24, 2012
This 82 was sitting for many years at one of my customers houses with moss growing everywhere. I asked if she wanted to sell it every time I worked in her home and she kept sayin " no, not now". Eventually she called and said that if she donated it to goodwill she could write off around $1200 on her taxes and I said, well let me give you that money in cash! She wanted to make sure the fj was in good order so she had it gone through at les schwab, they said it needed brakes so she had em do it, the invoice was over $1300 for brake work and she showed me receipt. I asked her about sale price? She said the price is the same, she wanted to make sure it's in good shape before she sold it. I gave her $1500 for it (so she didn't just give it away, and gave her a $500 credit on the work I do for her). Long story short, here are a few pics of the day I pressure washed it until now.

Stock everything, 112k on odo. The rig was only used in winter to go skiing she said and there is the rust to confirm that. This is my 1st fj so I'm learning along the way

What I've done so far
Hfs 3" lift with emu shocks
Detroit locker in rear
33/12.5/15 big km2's including matching spare
Built from scratch rear bumper and rocker sliders
Modified front bumper off of a jeep
12 k winch
Piaa fog lights, piaa driving lights
7" HID spot driving lights mounted to roof rack
Yakima mega warrior rack with extension
Badass man, you've done a great job bringing her back to life. Congrats!!
Trapper50cal said:
Looks Great! Always loved that Freeborn Red. Good job.:cheers:

I would, however, be a little concerned about that heavy spare
on a Load Warrior. That might be beyond that rack's pay grade.

Interestingly enough........ That new wheel/tire combo is a few lbs lighter than the stock steel spare that I cut off the seized chain underneath. It is however like I'm dragging a parachute down the road. But you are right, the rack system isn't as stout as I thought it would be. In fact it moves a bit while I'm up there.
Great find. Just wondering what length Yakima bars you used. Thinking of putting the same set up on my rig
WTF! I was expecting to see a moss covered before shot...... Cant help feeling a little mislead.

Nice 60 regardless.

Nice work... Love the JK bumper put the same style but TJ on my Dads ... Keep thinkin out of the box and post pics as you go

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Great work. Love that rear bumper!

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