Been Quite in here

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Cruiser Nutjob
Dec 4, 2003
Roanoke, VA
Yes it has....still fighting illness:bang:


congrats Matt:grinpimp:

I was going to put some fire under the clubs butt in a few days after this rainy weather cleared up..........non stop rain it seems like for weeks
Matt I know you said you cannot come around till may or june.

I hope soon as the weather clears here we can get another meeting/ trip in ......I am getting the fever:D
It looks like i will be done with this job in about a month and I will be starting a new project in maryland so i will be alot closer.
Busy Busy Busy!!!! First the never ending kitchen project, then clean up construction mess for in-laws, then in-laws come in for a second weekend (unplanned), then last night at 1:30am I got back from a week in Albuquerque on a business trip (other than day job).

So now I've got to finish the kitchen so I can fix the 40 for some summertime fun in the sun:hmm:

We need to get something going here in the near future. I as well a itch!

Wish I could get away for Cruise Moab, I went in 06 and had a blast!

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