Bedlinered guys, couple questions

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. in San Diego Ca.
Thinking of bedlinering my 1980 FJ40...but have a couple questions

#1) which type do you all recomend?

#2) being a late model it has the fuel tank access door along with the tranny hump access ....what did they do not to seal these up.

#3) problems with fitment...rear seats, etc once done??
I used Sims (or Syms?) brand. Can't remember the exact spelling. I sprayed the interior and undercoating with it. This stuff worked very well. For my tranny hump, I hung it on a rack and sprayed separate, then mounted with the seal to keep out the noise and heat. I'm very happy with it.
i used line-x inside and out and had very minor fitting issues after it was done. you just have to be ready to peel off on certain areas. like where hinges mount etc. I am actually building a teardrop trailer now and im going to line-x the =whole thing the same color dune beige.

Used Durabak and rolled it on---just protect you screw holes with foam pieces old screws or what have you

just remove what you dont want stuck down and paint it seperate
I had the whole thing done in Speedliner. Love it. Only thing I would do differently is have the hinges sprayed seperately with paint. Definately tightened the fit on the doors. I had to adjust the strikers, but's that's about it. You can just score around screws or bolts to get them off.
I used Herculiner and rolled it on. Three coats under and three coats inside. Took about 4 gallons at $90 each. Time consuming as you must put the second coat on within 24 hours, but came out great. Don't know yet how it will hold up, as build is still in progress, but have had herculiner on under-the- ed toolboxes on huntin' rig for two years. A little faded from wheel wash, but holdin' up OK.
i used herculiner in mine as well. beings mine is a runner and not a showroom truck i put on 2 coats and so far it seems to be holding up well.
I used Duplicolor bed liner (Schuck's). I picked up a cheap undercoat spray gun from Harbor Freight and sprayed it on. Prep work is key! Otherwise it'll be flaking/peeling up on you down the road.
x2 on the prep. We did a hellovalot of wire brushing before we put it on the underbed. If it flakes, its my fault!
theres this stuff called raptor liner. you have to mix a hardener into it before spraying, i have found this to be the best DIY liner kit out there. i havent had too good of luck with duplicolor or herculiner stuff.
used Herculiner:
prep as follows
  1. clean all surfaces with TSP
  2. let dry thoroughly
  3. scuff all with 60 grit paper on a DA and by hand
  4. vacuum out completely
  5. wipe down with MEK
  6. mask off alll areas not to be coated. the product will hold these lines so make it good
  7. Ospho overall
  8. let dry over night
  9. wipe down with acetone
  10. apply Herculiner as per the instructions

A couple of notes: get a good respirator; disposable gloves and wear clothes that you can "easily part with"; Get afew extra chip brushes; a roller frame and small pan are quite helpful as the roller supplied wit the kit is of poor quality

Applied two coats to the tub interior; used one "kit". Very happy with the results.

Best of luck
One suggestion: If you get it custom tinted, ask them to ad a UV protectant. We put some in the white on the top so it wouldn't yellow, but didn't do it on the blue and it has faded except where it's shaded and it's pretty noticeable.

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